At the end of the day,
the goals are simple:
Safety and Security.

  • Your company or institutions' data is mission critical
  • At MyOSin we deeply respect that and is taken into serious consideration
  • We have taken all possible measusers to secure your data
  • Our rigid steps include technical, procedural and physical; to preserve the integrity of your information

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As a Placement Training Officer @ NCAS and Mentor @ MyOSin I find this to be a great platform for Students and the College to connect, share resources, get queries resolved and avail career guidance on a personalised approach. All of the mentioned enable students to begin their career path that suits their interest and successfully get a job.

Henry Maris, Nazareth College [Secretary Desk]

What are we doing about your safety and security ?


Data Security

  • We use state of the art Amazon Web Services - EC2, EBS and S3 to compute and manage all your data
  • All your data is hosted in secure SSAE 18 / SOC 1 & SOC 2 Standard complaint data centers
  • On top of it we have implemented access restrictions on our servers to better protect your information
  • Firewalls implemented to prevent unauthorized access to your data

Data Backups and Transfer

  • We have established automaated backup strategies to take snapshots of server instances at frequent intervals
  • In addition MyOSin databases are backed up on a daily basis to ensure your data is never lost
  • We use both on transit and at rest encryption strategies
  • All data sent to or from is encrypted in transit using 128-bit encryption.
  • At rest we encrypt instances and snapshots with industry standard AES-256 data encryption

System Security

  • We use Linux based servers which is highly reliable in terms of system security
  • Our servers have strongest grade of HTTPS security (TLS 1.2) in place to protect server requests from eavesdroppers
  • We ensure that all our servers that run MyOSin software in production has the latest and stable Operating System and Library patches, and they are continiously updated
  • Other services that we utilize, such as AWS S3 Storage and CloudFront, are overly secured infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platforms

Application & API Security

  • We have implemented a hand crafted and very strong access control layer (ACL) as part of our application architecture
  • This ensures that no data is exposed to unwanted users or prying eyes intentionally or unintentionally
  • This means that you do not have to worry about your critical data somehow being accessed by a random hacker or a geek
  • Our application and API endpoints are TLS/SSL (HTTPS) only

Physical Security

  • At MyOSin, your PI & Data are processed and stored within AWS Data Centers.
  • AWS uses modern, advanced, multi-layer; access, alerting, and auditing measures, which includes:
  • Perimeter fencing and vehicle access barriers
  • Custom made electronic access cards & biometric checks
  • Laser beam intrusion detection
  • Continuous external and internal security camera surveillance
  • 24x7 trained security guards


  • All of our software is hosted and run in the cloud
  • We do not run our own inhouse or physical servers, routers, load balancers or DNS servers
  • Most of our services and data are hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities in Mumbai, India
  • All our servers are in our own virtual private cloud (VPC) to ensure data integrity
  • We have reliable redundnacy strategies in place, to avoid data integrity issues in case of any geographical factors

Confidentiality Agreement

  • In addition to the security measures listed above we are also open towards any confidentiality agreements
  • We also educate our employees' regularly and enforce strict controls to your data
  • All of our employees and contract resources are bound to our policies in terms of customer data privacy and security
  • We treat any data privacy or security related issues with the highest importance within our company, and take necessary proactive and reactive measures accorndingly

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